Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Concert of the Year

Last night was our first concert this year!

Concert Orchestra played first and they were surprisingly really good for being on the small side and having younger, less experienced players. All of them were together and in tune! I was impressed. But is it just me or do they have really, really small instruments?

We were next and we played "October", "Resurgences", and "Light Cavalry Overture". The first two songs went well, however, "Light Cavalry Overture" was not good at all. We were off key on several notes, not together, and it was a total disaster. Or so we thought... We got a round of applause! We even had to bow three times! Several parents even said that Light Cavalry was the best song of the night. That was shocking...

It just goes to show that as long as you put your heart and soul into something nobody will notice if you didn't do as well as you could have!

Side note: district orchestra tryouts are coming up fast... I have a couple extra lessons with my private teacher set up for the two weeks before audition day so I can make sure I'm secure on my audition music!

Another side note: I forgot to mention that my teacher gave us our seats and I got 11th chair, which is much better than I expected! There are a lot of extremely talented violinists who have been in the first violin section for many years, and that's what I had to compete with. I'm definitely proud of myself. Out of 26 total first violinists... that's not too shabby! My teacher even pulled me to the side after class and let me know how amazed he was about my playing test. :)

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