Friday, October 5, 2012

My Top YouTube Violinists of the Moment

YouTube is filled with tons of amazing violinists and a lot of them are very creative with their playing. Jason Yang, for example, plays electric violin (as well as acoustic violin and many other instruments) and makes covers of popular songs, manipulating his videos so that it sounds like there are several people playing at once when it's just him! He does this by filming himself playing each part and then combining all of them together into a sort of video collage. Not only does he do this, but in some of his videos he uses a loop pedal to play several violin parts at one time. Madonna actually discovered his videos and invited him to go on tour with her as her violinist! You should definitely check out his videos. :)

Another great violinist is Lindsey Stirling. She's possibly the most popular violinist on YouTube with over 140 million views! Like Jason Yang, she makes covers of popular songs as well as forming songs into medleys, such as "Lord of the Rings Medley". Her music videos include ethereal scenery as backdrops and her magnificent dancing, which she somehow manages to do while playing violin at the same time! She definitely raises the bar for violinists everywhere. Go watch her videos!

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