Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday Concert Coming Soon!

The holiday concert for symphony (not the holiday concert with my private teacher's other students) will be December 11th. Here are the songs we're playing:
  • Hark! The Harold Angels Sing
  • O Come Emanuel
  • O Holy Night
  • .... and The Devil Went Down to Georgia
That's right... The Devil Went Down to Georgia. That's my symphony teacher's humor, for you! Yes, including that last song in our concert is a controversial decision, but I think most people will understand my teacher's sense of humor and know that it's all just a joke and not meant to be offensive whatsoever. At least I hope so... wouldn't that be sad if people got upset and left? Let's hope the audience will enjoy the song, not get hung up about the reference to satan! :P

(Side note: My symphony teacher is changing the song's name, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia", to "The Devil Went Up to the North Pole" specially for the holiday concert. One of the cellists created some new lyrics too. They're pretty awesome.)

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