Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Concerts, Finals Week, and Violin Cookies, Oh My!

My holiday concert was a week ago and it went great! We ended with a bang... by playing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" last. And with a couple electric violins, mind you! We were going to have an electric cello as well but something went wrong so it couldn't be played, unfortunately. That didn't make the concert any less awesome, though!

I played in yet another holiday concert last Saturday at a nursing home with some of my private teacher's other students. It was so much fun. Stressful in the beginning, but fun. There was so much sheet music to keep track of and everyone was missing at least one piece, but we got it all figured out before we performed. The old folks loved our performance and one old man even asked to hear "The Devil Went Down to Georgia", not knowing that I just played that for my holiday concert last Tuesday! We really brightened up their day and got them in a joyful, holiday mood, so that made us all happy that we could that for them. I hope I can do that again some time!

At last, it is the week before winter break. But what comes with that is, you guessed it, finals. Starting tomorrow, my life will be a living hell, blazing with perpetual studying and inopportune sleep deprivation. Tomorrow I have to have my project for Drawing 2 finished and turned in (you could say the project's our final in that class). However, I pretty much just started on it.
It's crunch time.
Second of all, my Spanish 4 final is tomorrow and I'll have to find time to study for that along with getting my project done in time somehow. Then Thursday is my IB English final and Biology 2 final, and finally Friday I just have an Algebra 2 final. No final in American Government since I passed a required test and no final in Symphony since we'll be sight reading music for contest. (Speaking of which, my private teacher wants me to play a solo and a duet for contest. I'm currently sight reading Bach's A Minor Concerto for my solo.) It will definitely be a hectic week, but once it's over it'll be Christmas time and I'll be able to relax and enjoy the upcoming snow (let's hope!).

This past weekend I baked some violin-shaped cookies to give to my private teacher on Wednesday for a Christmas gift, along with a little violin pin. I thought the cookies turned out really cute. Here they are!

What do you think? :) I know there's only 3 strings... I didn't have room. But that doesn't take away from the cuteness, now does it!

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