Monday, September 3, 2012

Life Update 09/03/12

There's nothing much that's new with me.

Guy troubles...

School is starting again after this long 3-day Labor Day weekend...

Dance classes start up again tomorrow night. That means I'll be spending 2 hours in my dance studio. I better do my homework beforehand.

For once I'm feeling a little uneasy about going to symphony class tomorrow. He is in there. He is the guy I'm having issues with. We're probably going to make awkward eye-contact at least once.

Oh God.

Just focus on correcting your bow hold 20 freaking times and just breath... It'll be okay.

Maybe I can come up with some sort of mantra to repeat over and over to calm myself down. He's a dumb ass. He's a dumb ass. Yeah. That'll do.


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