Monday, September 10, 2012

Life Update 09/10/12

If you didn't notice, I didn't post a life update yesterday. I've decided that I'm only going to post life updates once and awhile, because:
a. I feel like I'm boring you guys! My life isn't too horribly exciting.
b. Having to post a life update every day is too much; it takes the fun out of blogging.
c. It' gets off topic from violin stuff, which is why you guys are reading my blog in the first place!

So I'm limiting myself to about once a week, or when something exciting happens. :)

Ice Cream Social was today! I stayed after school and helped set up, mainly because my orchestra teacher said pizza was the reward. ;) However, I left early because I was tired and needed to freshen up. We were supposed to stay and write down our names so my teacher knows we were there, but Erica and I just didn't want to stay that long. Pizza didn't matter that much to us after all.

Kyle was there, helping out. He gave some girl I don't know a piggy back. I just had to look away, it ticked me off so much. Apparently I still have feelings for him, which I need to get rid of... fast.

Mostly there wasn't anything for us to do, so we stood around awkwardly, waiting for instruction. That's another reason why Erica and I decided to leave for a while.We went home for about an hour and then I picked her up and we returned to the school for our performance.

We played outside, so I wore my sunglasses. Those were a God-given gift to me that day because the music was otherwise impossible to see. We used clothespins to pin our music down, but it still fluttered in the wind, occasionally folding away from view. All-in-all we sounded okay, considering the fact that we couldn't see my orchestra teacher in the bright sun, even with sunglasses, and our music had a mind of its own. It definitely wasn't our best performance though.

It was a fun night, but all I kept thinking was how I wanted to get home as fast as possible and take a long nap-- which I did! It was great.

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