Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Life Update 09/04/12

Well, tonight was the famous two-dance-classes-in-a-row night.

I met up with my friend, Abby, and we walked into jazz first. We took the same exact class last year, so we knew what to expect. It was funny seeing everybody learning steps that we already have down (to an extent) and watching their facial expressions. :) I would've taken a higher-level class this year, but my teacher recommended taking this class again. Maybe I'll be able to move up soon once I get the hang of my leaps and turns again.

Next, Abby and I went to our ballet class. There weren't very many people, maybe 10 or 12. Our teacher had us do barre work first and that really made my feet and ankles sore. We had to balance on our tip toes several times for long lengths of time. Those were killers. We then did some leaps and turns across the room and jumps in the center of the room. I didn't realize how challenging ballet would be for me, especially with my feet. But I'm willing to stick it out and keep taking classes so some day I'll get better and start to enjoy class more!

Besides dance, nothing really new has happened to me.

Oh, and class with the guy I'm having issues with went surprisingly well.

That doesn't mean we talked.

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