Saturday, September 8, 2012

Life Update 09/08/12

The football game last night went better than I predicted! Well, not for everybody... we lost 57-9...

I have to admit, it was a little awkward at first since Erica and I didn't see anyone we knew, but that's always how games start out. Eventually we saw our friends Jesus (pronounced like "hey Zeus", not like Jesus Christ!) and Gil and talked to them for a minute or two.

We then sat near where ROTC shoots the cannon for touchdowns and Erica and I talked for a bit. They shot the cannon at one point and I hadn't been paying attention so I jumped! Erica laughed so hard at me! It was hilarious.

Later on, I heard someone say, "Hey you!" from behind me, so I turned around. Some random guy had said it and he was with a friend. They appeared to be freshmen. He started talking to me and asked Erica and I for our names. He told me his name is Valentine but everyone calls him Val, and his friend's name is Garret. Val told me that I'm cute and then asked me for my number. I really didn't want to give him my number since he honestly kind of creeped me out. Luckily, a few of his friends came up to him and they started talking to him. Great! A distraction! I pulled out my phone and quickly looked up Kyle's number on my phone. I memorized it and then when Val came back I gave him "my" number. Best idea I've ever had! Cayla and Erica were talking nearby and I told them what happened. We all cracked up. :) A few other guys asked me what happened and when I told them, they laughed too. They agreed with me that Val is pretty weird.

Our friends in ROTC, Daniel and Alex, talked to us at half-time. Alex invited Erica and I to go to Buffalo Wild Wings with him and some more people from ROTC, so that's what we did after the game.

Side note: I did see Kyle of course, but I don't think he saw me. Or maybe he was trying to seem like he didn't see me.

Daniel, Alex, Colton and his sister, Erica, and I ended up being the only ones who showed up at Buffalo Wild Wings. That was fine with me! I don't really like big crowds. We were all making fun of the "Can I have yo numba?" skit and when Colton said, "Can I have yo numba?" Daniel actually gave him his! We all laughed, and then he asked me and I said, "Sure, why not." and gave him my number. He actually texted me while we were still at Buffalo Wild Wings and ended up flirting with me and asking me on a date. I don't really like him that way though, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I said sure. I kind of regret that...

When the waiter came by to ask us what we wanted, I said, "Do you have anything for a dollar? And Erica and I are splitting." and laughed. Daniel threw 10 bucks at me, but I said I couldn't take his money. The waiter gave us free chips and cheese, actually! He was really nice.

As I was driving off with Erica in the passenger seat, Alex called me. I told Erica to answer it and she told me that he needed to jump start his car. We returned to the Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot and parked next to Alex. He and Daniel tried to figure out my car's battery and everything but apparently Chevy's are weird (I know nothing about cars). They told me they'd find someone to jump start it so I took Erica home.

When we looked at the clock it was close to midnight. Erica called her dad and he was really upset with her that she stayed out this late. I wished her luck with her dad when we got to her house. I felt like it was my fault in a way but she assured me it wasn't. I let my mom know I was on my way home and it was midnight by the time I got there. I told her about Alex's car troubles and luckily she understood.

That was one heck of a night. It was a lot of fun, but when I fell right asleep when I got home. I've got to do that again!

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