Sunday, September 9, 2012

Random Violin Stuff!

Who says you need a planned, well thought-out blog post? I'm all for randomness, how about you?

We all have those days where we just want to see what all is out there for us violinists, so I thought I'd make it easier for you and tell you a little about some of the things I found and where you can get them! The things include gadgets, accessories, instruments, art, etc. Let's get started!
  • Violin jewelry- all of us female violinists could always use a violin-related necklace. has a large variety of jewelry with violins, treble clefs, music notes, and more. They may be a little expensive, but they're worth it. I especially love the necklace below. It's a little violin bridge with a heart in the center. How cute! (Ignore the "Curb Chain" thing on the picture. They're explaining what type of necklace chain is pictured.)
  • Violin art- everyone needs at least one violin art piece in their home. I framed the cover of a card that has a violin painting on it and put it in my room. It inspires me every day. The shown painting of a violinist (not the same painting I have) is available at, along with several other violin gifts. They even have Sherlock Holmes stuff, if you're into that!
  • Fancy music stand- if you have a music room in your house, a beautiful music stand is a wonderful addition to the room. This one is from
  • Mouse violin mute- we all have to use mutes from time to time, and this cute little mouse mute makes the experience more enjoyable! He even has a tuxedo on. :) This is available at it's only $4.99!

There are probably lots more things, but that's all I'm going to do... at least for now!

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