Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Violin Tour- My 3rd Violin

My current violin is my favorite violin I've ever had. I love how much louder it is in comparison to my first two violins. It's also richer in sound and so physically beautiful at the same time. I absolutely love and cherish it.

The photo doesn't do it justice- it's actually a much deeper brown. Remind me not to take photos at night. :)

My violin also came with a fancy cake of golden rosin. That rosin literally looks like a piece of pure glittery gold! It has it's own little box and you hold it by the cloth attached at the end. It's definitely a step up from the old rosin which you have to scratch up a bunch of times just to get it to work.

I can't thank my mom enough for buying this violin for me. It was a complete surprise. I had woken up from my usual nap after school and I saw that she had a violin case in her hand. I was both confused and a little drowsy from my nap still, so all I had done was just stare at it with my eyebrows furrowed. My mom just smiled and said, "I bought it for you." Immediately, I knew what she meant. I got so excited and opened it up immediately. I saw that same gorgeous violin in the ruby red-lined case that I had tried out at the shop. She said, "In the back of my mind, I just heard your daddy say, 'Get that baby that new violin,' and I knew I had to get it for you." That's definitely something he'd say. He always referred to me as his baby since, like any dad, he didn't want me to grow up. She started crying and we hugged. My dad passed away April 21, 2011, so of course she'd be in tears after that. We both miss him very much, and this just shows that he's always there, looking out for us, even though we may not be able to see him.

Bradley Stephen Hull
December 31, 1958 - April 21, 2011

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