Thursday, September 6, 2012

Violin Tour- 4th Violin

I know what you're thinking... How many violins does this girl need? Well this one's different!

It's electric!

My friend, Erica, had gotten an electric violin for Christmas a few years back and I played it occasionally but obviously wanted one of my own since they're so much fun. So I asked my mom for an electric violin for Christmas last year and that's what I got!

I also got an amp that has a lot of presets on it to make my violin sound like an electric guitar and much more. It's pretty awesome. :)

Erica and I eventually want to play in public somewhere, just for fun and not necessarily for money. It'd be interesting to see other people's reactions... We might even be filmed! All we need to do is find a place that allows street musicians-- a project for another day!

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